Mountains of Orange Silk

If you also listen to my podcast, you'll know that I went to Stitches West this year. At this Stitches convention a slight lapse in sanity occurred and I ended up leaving with this alarming amount of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk.

Um... yes 1,370 yards to be exact.

Since the weather has been warming up a bit, I've been thinking of this mountain of silk more and more and have been wanting to knit a summery top from it all. I feel like I should use this yarn first before my other stashed silk. I feel guilty about buying all of it and I feel like if I use it up really quickly it will somehow make this impulse purchase "ok".

Here are the two tops that I really like from the Debbie Bliss Magazine Fall/Winter issue of 2008. They both are made up in Pure Silk and I have enough yarn to make one of them, not both. I cant decide which one to make.
The bolero is definitely more my style but maybe not very functional. It looks as though it needs a nice button or closure on the front. Without something holding it together it looks like it could be a bit baggy around the bustline. Not a super flattering look. I love the stitch patterning though! It looks like its really fun to knit
The tank might be more functional.

What do you think? Which project would suit this color of Pure Silk more?