The Dad With The Dad Sweater

So I finally gave my Dad the long awaited sweater.
Good news! It fits!

...And he likes it! What a wonderful ending to this project!

I am so very pleased by how the sweater turned out! The design is very nice and very wearable. Its not too "fancy" or "silly looking" as men's sweaters can often be. This pattern, paired with the Kathmandu Tweed yarn, makes for a wonderful rugged looking cardigan.

This was my first time working saddle shoulders. I really like the look of them and I think that this sleeve construction lends itself well to a masculine sweater. Hardly any men like a set in sleeve and this is a nice variation to the classic drop shoulder style.

This pattern ended up using 18.. YES 18.. balls of Kathmandu Aran Tweed. The pattern for this cardigan is a Rowan pattern called Man's Zip-up Jacket. I found it for free online over the Summer, but unfortunately the pattern has since been taken down. :(
I'm so glad that I found it when I did!
I am so happy with this project! And also sooo proud of myself for sticking with it even through the trying times.
It was so worth it!!!