Baby Shrug: Size 18 months - 25 years

So in Fall of 2007, I made this "shrug" for my daughter...

It is the pattern "Baby Shrug" out of the book Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss. Yeah... Baby Shrug... Whatever...
Something went terribly terribly wrong with this pattern and its Ginormous!
I thought that I messed up with my gauge swatch but after reviewing all of the shrug projects on Ravelry, I realized that I'm not the only one with a huge "Baby Shrug" on their hands. Alot of knitters were surprised that it ran so big. Many compensated for this by making a smaller size or using smaller needles.
I wish I had known this! If only I was on Ravelry before I started this thing! After finishing the shrug, I blocked it and of course it only got bigger. I was pretty disappointed about it so I just put my daughter in the shrug anyways. I rolled up the sleeves 4 times and sewed a silk ribbon to the two fronts to tie the thing on her. She wore it all winter and looked pretty...uh... silly.

As you can see she is swimming in the thing. And last year when she wore it, she was even smaller than she is now! I was just hoping she would grow into it. But alas, another year has past and the shrug is still huge.

"What the heck is up with this sweater, Mom?"

Over time the silk ribbon that I had sewn on it previously had gotten pretty tattered so I set out to repair it. In the process I found out that the shrug looks way more fantastic on me as a cute little bolero style sweater.

Hey problem solved! I removed the tattered ribbon and sewed on this cute vintage button and made a crochet chain loop for a closure. I happened to have a Rowan 4-ply yarn for the loop in a very similar color. That was pretty exciting!

Yea, I know its kind of wierd to be wearing my 2 year old's sweater. But I think it's gone to good use and looks way more appropriate. Maybe Debbie Bliss should just move this pattern into one of her women's design books?
It's kind of fun repurposing this shrug because now I get to enjoy a new handknit without feeling like I put alot of work into it. I made it so long ago now I barely remember the project.

I'll eventually give the shrug back to her when she's bigger and can fit into it... in I dont know... say... 10 or 15 years?