Giselle Completed

Giselle is finally off the needles....

...thank goodness! This knit has been such a pain!

I thought that the endless stockinette stitch on the body was bad... little did I know what I was in for with the edging. I had to pick up and knit.. get this... 476 stitches around the perimeter of this top! 476 stitches evenly spaced! 476!!!

I had wasted so many hours of my life picking up these stitches, I just had to count them.

After all those darn stitches were on the needle I then had to bind them off using the picot bind off method. Talk about time consuming. Two full evenings. Gone.

But of course, it was worth the work. The picot edging really finishes it off and adds a nice feminine detail.

Even though it wasn't that much fun to work on, I am very happy with the finished product. The top fits very well. Also the yarn has a beautiful drape and sheen making it a perfect top for dressy occasions.

One tiny little issue though, I found it hard to make the top stay where it was supposed to and not gape open at the front as wrap tops can sometimes do. So I added a button to one side and that fixes the problem quite nicely.

Of course this top has been modified from the original pattern. It was originally designed to include these flared, renaissance looking sleeves that I wasn't sure if I was completely into, so I decided to leave them off. The short sleeve version fits my style much more and will be great in the spring/summer, the time when I will be wearing this the most. Since the yarn (Berocco Seduce) is a linen blend, it is more suited to the warmer months.

All in all, I really like the Giselle pattern...

...But wont be knitting it again any time soon.