More Dolls...

To my dearest blog readers,

(All 3 of you out there...)

I know... I know... you are probably so sick of seeing pictures of dollies.. But please bear with me. These were just too cute. I had to share.

For all of you who feel that if you see one more dolly picture you might just throw up.....well... now is the time to go get yourself a bucket.

These pictures are from when Ava gave her cousin Audrey her dolly as a special present.

Ok, thats it... I promise I'm done.

So now that I've gotten all of that "doll knitting" out of my system, there are some exciting things coming up here!
I have some projects that are soon crossing the finish line,
as well as some super huge, complicated, scary sweaters
that I will be starting very soon.
Stay Tuned.