Sea Silk Contest

Remember this?

I purchased this beautiful skein of Sea Silk when I went to Santa Barbara last. Read more about that trip here. I am having a hard time finding the perfect pattern to make with this one skein.

I need your help, so I am going to offer a Sea Silk Contest! If you know of a great pattern using fingering weight yarn please leave a comment with the pattern name (so that I can look it up) or the web address that the pattern can be found.

Be sure to leave your email address or blog address so that I can contact you if you are the winner!

Contest Guidelines:
-All pattern ideas must be submitted by March 1st.

-I am looking for something wearable that will show off this yarn beautifully.
(Ideally I'd like to make a lacy shell or shrug.)

-The pattern must be able to be made with only 400 meters because that is all I have.

-The pattern must contain a picture of the finished item.

-Most importantly there will be a prize for the best suggestion. I will contact you if you are the winner and I will give you a choice between prizes.

I look forward to receiving all of your comments!